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I Am Tremendously Thankful

I am tremendously thankful to have used Cody Knebel from Salas Law Firm. My case had so many different things going on in it, I really felt there was never going to be an end. In a year we had 7 different cases and Cody kept me up to date on everything. Over this last year, I have gone from not seeing my two children to having the opportunity to be an amazing father to my children.
Cody was extremely knowledgeable about the laws and did everything he could to get my children and me back together. I would recommend using the Salas Law Firm to anyone with their family matters.


Helped Me Through My Divorce and More!

Ron and his staff were good and they helped a lot they worked hard and helped me through my divorce and more! Thank you Ron appreciate everything you did for me and my family!


He Didn't Give up On Me

Ron is practicing in Fort Collins. I had problems with some post-decree demands. I did not go back to my original attorney. I went to Ron. Legally, he understood the matter, and while it took time to resolve; he didn't give up on me. How much do I believe he does amazing work for others? I have worked as a paralegal, legal secretary and been through a major divorce; I know which attorney has integrity. Ron and his staff are amazing.


Ron and His Staff Are Amazing

Ron and his staff are amazing, no matter what his location. If anyone feels as though they have "wasted an hour" of their life driving to and from his office, they don't need his services very much at all, cause he rocks! If Ron is in Greeley or Fort Collins, he is worth the drive. He is probably the best attorney in Northern Colorado. Anyone who takes the time to write a poor review about the drive to his office has other issues going on in their lives. You keep up the great work, Ron! You made a superior difference in my life and I will never forget your legal knowledge, compassion and caring when I felt like my life was out of control.


Highly Recommend

I used Mr. Knebel from Salas Law Firm for a difficult case. He was professional, informative, and always willing to discuss different potential options and outcomes. Highly recommend.


Cody Was Hands Down an Answered Prayer

Cody was hands down an answered prayer for me over the last several years. He has tackled everything from family, custody, and child support issues and each time we have come out victorious. In winter 2019 I was deployed to the middle east and he represented me while abroad through the hardest time of my life. Not only did he take on the County in supporting veteran rights and protections, but he also won in what is now a landmark case for the state of Colorado. Cody didn't stop there, he continues to support me and the military community and the state of CO pushing to make changes to current legislation across the nation. He has truly triumphed and has been the best decision and connection when it comes to legal matters. I would recommend him to not only my family and friends but to strangers alike. You're in good hands.


The Team at The Salas Law Firm Are Awesome

The team at The Salas Law firm are awesome - Ron and Cody are the lead attorneys and Lindsey answers the phone and greets clients. They're located here in Fort Collins and in Greeley and specialize in divorce and family law, estate planning, and bankruptcy. Give them a call to help you get your questions answered fast.


I Am Forever Grateful

Cody Knebel has been a literal lifesaver for me!! I was referred to him by multiple people when looking for an attorney to help me with a complicated divorce on a budget. He dealt with not only numerous ridiculous complications but also with all my crazy! From helping me keep myself and my children safe, ensuring I would be ok financially during the year+ process, giving continuously great advice, calming and reassuring me regularly, to staying in constant communication and answer ALL my questions and concerns. Cody won every single battle for me and kept me grounded in the process and by working together he was able to make the whole thing affordable in a way I couldn’t have imagined. He has helped me begin to move forward with my life from a place I never thought possible. I am forever grateful that Cody is the attorney I had the pleasure to work with!!


They Are Very Professional

Mr. Salas and his team were very helpful with my case. They negotiated a much better deal for me. Even during covid time, they were very responsive and always there for me when I needed them. They are very professional and I can't recommend them strongly enough. If you need any law advice or help you should contact them right away.