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Set up A Favorable Child Custody Arrangement

Divorces often become heated and stressful when the discussion turns to the children. If you want to get the most favorable outcome when it comes to your custody agreement, you need a skilled child custody attorney by your side.

You can hire The Salas Law Firm, LLC to help you argue for a custody agreement that makes sense for you. From fighting for full custody to making sure you have visitation rights, we can help protect your family's interests through your unique situation.

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The Many Aspects of Child Custody

Child custody law isn't just about where your child lives. The court will also determine which parent can make decisions for your child. Our child custody attorney can explain your family's options, such as...

Joint legal custody, where both parents can make decisions about the child's health care, education, and welfare
Sole custody, where only one parent has the right to make decisions, even if the other parent has visitation rights
Physical custody, determines which parent the child stays with, whether they stay with one parent full-time or have a shared arrangement

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